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We assist people to represent themselves in divorce and judicial separation and all related matters. Why not browse our site and join the hundreds of people who have successfully completed this process with our assistance.


Did you know…?

  • Every citizen of Ireland has a Constitutional right to represent themselves in Court.
  • As a result of that Constitutional right the Judge and any Legal Team must not use legal jargon and you, representing yourself, must understand everything that is discussed in Court and it’s their job to make sure this happens.
  • There are no cloaks, gowns or wigs in Family Law Court.
  • All Family Law cases are held ‘in camera’ meaning nobody else is allowed in the Court room while hearings take place.

With all of these in mind, why pay tens of thousands to a Legal Team who will drag out your case for years for their own financial benefit giving you minimal input to your own case?

Instead contact us for hassle free assistance where you play a central role in your own case in half the time for fraction of the cost.