A clip to explore the mindset a separation creates, the simple solutions to overcome it, and the practical steps to breakthrough the barriers of separation, and have the life you and your children deserve.

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About Us

Family Separation Services was officially set up in 2016 due to a growing demand from people who wished to regulate the affairs of their Divorce in half the time at a fraction of the cost of a legal team.

  • Our staff hold a Diploma in Family Law from the Law Society in Ireland.
  • Have a background in the Family Separations arena since 2003
  • We have made many submissions both Nationally and Internationally that resulted in changes in legislation and Court procedures. 
We assist with all the practical issues such as Access, Custody, & Maintenance, the Family Home, and domestic abuse, in addition to pension and succession rights into the future. 

We also coach you through the emotional journey of your separation and provide coping skills to help you navigate through the process. We assist people at the early stages of the breakdown of your marriage all the way through to implementing and managing all the steps following your separation and divorce.  

The procedures may differ from country to country, but the principles and guidance we provide caters for all parts of the world. 

Contact us for a fast and inexpensive service. Nationwide. We assist those who do not wish to spend tens of thousands on a private law firm or do not qualify for legal aid or do not wish to wait years on the list.


Divorce & Judicial Separation

There are only 3 scenarios when you serve papers on your ex
  • They consent and sign accordingly
  • They ignore it
  • They contest it.
  • We have a service for all situations.
Unmarried services such as District Court Applications or drafting proposals regarding
  • Access/Custody/ Guardianship
  • Maintenance Spousal/Child
  • Domestic Abuse Applications
  • Paternity
  • Passports
  • And much more
COMING SOON (Family Separations Coaching Academy)
  • Webinars
  • Online courses 
  • Seminars

    We assist and coach people to represent themselves in divorce and all related matters.

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